Thursday, September 18, 2008

Universities with Accelerated 8-Week Terms

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Mindy said...


I wonder how students feel about 6 terms, 8 weeks each with no break in between. Those who like this format likely choose a school like NU. I am curious if there are others, who would be attracted to us, because we provide an alternative pace.

Douglas said...

At the Coachella Campus, we are experimenting with the concept of keeping our current 9 week schedule except that the summer session would be split into 2 intersessions. It seems to me that this concept would provide us with a best of both worlds alternative while allowing us to still use blended pedagogy in our nine week terms.

Douglas said...

Personally, I believe that eight weeks will not allow for the proper amount of reflective interspective thinking that students need in order to create a metacognitive concept of what it is they are learning and what they think about what they have learned. Nine weeks barely provides them time for this as it is. However, the summer session has been traditionally a time when students are prepared to double up on class time so as to complete specific requirements. Further, by providing two summer intersessions for those classes that lend themselves to an abbreviated time period, education students will be prepared to enter the job market in a timely manner instead of completing their course work and waiting a semester or two for the jobs to open.

I encourage us to think about blended concepts in an asemetrical manner. Why do all sessions need to be eight weeks?