Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Faculty Presentation - 2008

Maria Cesario, Carla Piper, and Ruth Black presented an overview of the work of the blended teaching and learning committee on Thursday, September 11th. The results of the faculty/instructor survey conducted in late August-September 3rd indicated that a large number of instructors were using Blackboard as technology enhancement and some instructors were structuring their classes on a blended model.


ldodge said...

I was unsure of the most appropriate place to share my thoughts but in light of the recent faculty presentation on survey results - I thought this was best.
The majority of the survey respondents were adjunct faculty. University College is highly dependent on instruction by adjuncts. I would like to illustrate the dedication of adjunct instructors in the area of increasing their technology skills. The Santa Maria campus held a 3-hour workshop on Blackboard on Saturday morning Sept 27. Over 20 signed up for the workshop because they wanted to enhance their teaching skills. I would venture to guess it was certainly not for the food and drink offered!
I am amazed and humbled by adjunct instructors dedication and readiness for innovation and change.

rhill said...

Sorry this post is late, but I'm still trying to catch up after being off. I agree with the comment about adjunct interest in BB. We've also held training sessions and witnessed interest by the adjuncts as well as some of our regular staff. I think the key is continuing to provide orientation and application training in small doses so users can grow into the system whether BB or some other medium.