Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kolb's Model of Experiential Learning

Kolb's Model of Experiential Learning - U of Colorado, Denver

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  1. Learning is a process whereby knowledge is created through experience
  2. Experiences are a transformational process
  3. Students actively construct their experience within a sociocultural context
  4. Provides a framework for designing active, collaborative, and interactive learning experiences.
Phases of Kolb's Model Mapped to Instructional Activities and eLearning Tools

Concrete experiences

  • Emphasizes personal involvement with people in everyday situations
  • Learner relies more on feelings than a systematic approach to problems and situations
  • In a learning situation, learner relies on the ability to be open minded and adapt to change

Reflective observation

  • Learner understands ideas and situations from different points of view
  • Learner relies on own thoughts and feelings in forming opinions
  • In a learning situation, learner relies on patience, objectivity and careful judgment but would not necessarily take any action.
Abstract conceptualization

  • Learning involves logic and ideas rather than feelings to understand problems or situations
  • Learner relies on systematic planning, develops theories and ideas to solve problems.

Active experimentation

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