Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Proposed Schedule for 8-week Calendar 2010-2011

Many faculty members have expressed concern over having no break between terms if we go with an 8-week accelerated model. Completing final grading for one term as you are beginning a new term could be very stressful. Since the typical fall and spring semesters are busier for both instructors and students, a fall, winter, and spring break would seem more reasonable. Plus, most instructors will take off for at least one and possibly two summer terms - thus having a break. So - here's another possible term mockup allowing for fall, winter, and spring breaks. Any comments?

Proposed Calendar for 2010-2011 for Eight Week Terms

Fall 1 – August 23-October 16, 2010
Fall break – October 17-24, 2010
Fall 2 – October 25-December 18, 2010
Winter Break – December 19-January 2, 2011
Spring 1 – January 3-February 26, 2011
Spring break – February 27- March 6, 2011
Spring 2 – March 7 – April 30, 2011
Summer 1 – May 2 – June 25, 2011
Summer 2 - June 27 – August 20, 2011
Faculty take 1-2 summer terms off from teaching to assure breaks.


Jeremy Korr said...

This model resolves several of the concerns with other 8-week models, including lack of week between terms and starting too early in August to benefit ed students.

Anonymous said...

This model does resolve some of the concerns expressed.

Jim Spence said...

Does the 8-week model assume that all courses will be blended? It seems like it does.